Labor Regulations For Women


Face the external world with confidence and girls, in the world today, are encouraged to look beyond the walls of their house. Girls are considered equivalent to men in all regards. They are able to think and plan in addition to guys can. Occasionally we see the girls laborers work than their male counterparts. There isn’t any field girls have left unaffected but they’re constantly called the ‘weaker sex’. Nature has created the body of the girls to be fine although this isn’t because they’re incapable. Biologically speaking, men have more powerful and bigger bones that can bear tear and wear for longer without becoming damaged whereas women’s bones are weaker and more susceptible to diseases like osteoporosis if around used. The exact same matter is found about the muscle growth in women and men. Guys are more muscular than girls which empower them to take up more physical work than girls. So though guys can be defeated by girls anytime in a head battle but there’s a demand to have protective measures in course of their employment prevent exploitation and to ensure security for them.

Every country on earth that stands up for the rights of girls also has proper legislations set up to shield them from being mistreated. In the United Arab Emirates the law provides that a girl should be paid as the guy for precisely the same work. The UAE labor law additionally provides for regulations that must be followed by the company with respect to a female worker. Such provisions are discussed by the current article supplied by the legislators of the United Arab Emirates. Articles 27 to 32 of the national law no. 8 of 1980 concerning the Regulation of Labor Relations are enumerated by the legislators in the law for controlling the employment conditions of women.

The first provision is about the time during which a girls can be employed. Article 27 provides that a girl cannot be employed at nighttime. The word ‘night’ is further defined in the said provision as a span of eleven consecutive hours including the interval from 10 pm until 7 am. This regulation is supplied to improve the protection of girls on the job as it’s found around the world that most offenses against women take place in this time.

The current laws additionally provides for specific exceptions to this rule has taken into consideration various scenarios and thus. The first exception is in the occasions which could be considered as ‘force majeure’. The term ‘Force Majeure’ as per the Merriam Webster’s dictionary means an occasion of effect that cannot be fair or superior or irresistible power predicted or controlled. In this circumstance, force majeure would contain such occasions due to which the girls have to remain on duty at late hours eg. Sometime as a result of stormy weather outside it is impossible to travel and so all workers must stay indoors at their work place. Article 28 clause ‘a’ reads as ‘when work in business stops by a force majeure’. This may consist of of scenarios where time is of value for end of contractual duties but the duty wasn’t met due to some force majeure and therefore finish the contractual duties and the workers including the women workers need to stay back. The standing of this clause isn’t clear as it’d be quite foolish for girls to be made to remain after 10 pm at work place to finish work which had stopped due to some force majeure. So some light on their purpose should throw for adding the clause that is said.

The second exclusion is supplied in article 28 clause ‘b’ which reads as ‘Work in technical and administrative place’. This provision is quite obscure as’ technical and administrative spots’ is an extremely broad region and therefore it’s not clear as to who all shall be contained within its range. So, some more explanations should be supplied for the same. Additionally, regulations should be supplied to fix the maximum limit of time for which girls in such positions may be permitted to be employed at nighttime. Additionally, it should be supplied that just when the conditions allow it to be essential should the girls be employed at night and such conditions should be notified at the ministry of the police department and labour.

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